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The Nashville Connection  Heroes Salute is a chance for aspiring singers and songwriters to get noticed, meet industry insiders, and get your foot in the door. Register today to learn from the best in the music business.

See the Next Big Star

Buy your tickets for The Nashville Connection events and enjoy live concerts from big-name Nashville stars and up-and-coming artists. Our events aren't just for performers, they're for all music lovers.

Support our Military

As a sponsor of The Nashville Connection, you'll gain publicity for your business while supporting our causes and future stars. We support worthy causes including: FUTURE, Military Lifestyle Family Charitable Foundation, and Hugs For Healing flights for SC Gold Star Moms & Families of fallen soldiers.

Compete at 65 MPH

This one-of-a-kind opportunity will pair aspiring singer/songwriters with hit songwriters with the goal of writing the next hit song. This year, seven Songster buses carrying teams of singers and songwriters will travel from different locations to Nashville, TN will you be on one?

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